CRA Services


Stores and Omnichannel

CRA's core business developed through its Stores and Omnichannel expertise, serving major retail and hospitality brands in their omnichannel initiatives. For high-impact projects at any stage, CRA can make a real difference in your results.

Customer Experience and CRM

Enhancing Relationships at Every Touchpoint

Building Stronger Customer Connections: At the heart of our omnichannel strategy is the focus on customer experience and CRM. We develop solutions that not only attract customers but also build lasting relationships through personalized interactions, both online and in-store.

POS Solutions

Innovative Checkout Experiences

Revolutionizing Transactions: Our POS services encompass traditional, mobile, and self-checkout systems. We ensure that the checkout process is not just a transaction but an integral part of the customer experience, characterized by efficiency and convenience.

Labor Management Systems

Optimizing Workforce Efficiency

Empowering Your Staff: Effective labor management is crucial for store operations. Our systems help you schedule and manage your workforce efficiently, ensuring that customer service never falters, even during peak hours.

Store Optimization

Creating Engaging Physical Retail Spaces

Maximizing In-Store Potential: Store Optimization is all about enhancing the physical retail space. We focus on store layouts, merchandising, and in-store technology to create shopping environments that are attractive, efficient, and conducive to sales.

Loss Prevention

Securing Assets and Reducing Risks

Protecting Your Business: Our Loss Prevention services aim to safeguard your business against theft and other risks. We employ advanced security measures, surveillance systems, and employee training to protect your assets and ensure peace of mind.


Bridging Online and Offline with Buy Online, Pick-up In-Store

Integrating Online and Physical Retail: BOPIS (Buy Online, Pick-up In-Store) is a key service in our omnichannel approach. We help you integrate this model seamlessly into your operations, offering convenience and flexibility to your customers.

Merchandise Management

Strategic Inventory for Optimal Sales

Intelligent Inventory Management: Merchandise Management is crucial for maintaining the right balance of stock. We assist in inventory planning, product assortment, and pricing strategies to ensure that your merchandise meets market demands and drives sales.

Order Management

Streamlining Order Processes for Efficiency

Efficient Order Fulfillment: Our Order Management services ensure that your order processes are streamlined and efficient. We integrate systems for order tracking, fulfillment, and customer communication, enhancing the overall purchase and delivery experience.


Driving Digital Sales and Presence

Expanding Online Retail Capabilities: In the digital age, a strong eCommerce presence is essential. We provide comprehensive eCommerce solutions, from website design to digital marketing, ensuring your online store is attractive, user-friendly, and successful.

Business Process Optimization

Refining Operations for Peak Performance

Streamlining Retail Operations: Business Process Optimization focuses on making your retail operations more efficient and effective. We analyze and refine processes to improve productivity, reduce costs, and enhance customer service.

Payment Security

Ensuring Safe and Secure Transactions

Protecting Customer Data: In retail, securing customer payment information is paramount. Our Payment Security services ensure that your transaction processes are not only efficient but also comply with the highest security standards.

Harmonizing Brick-and-Mortar with Digital Channels

CRA's Stores and Omnichannel services provide an integrated approach that bridges the gap between physical stores and digital channels. This service is designed to create a cohesive and seamless retail experience, ensuring that customers enjoy the best of both worlds.

Creating a Unified Shopping Experience

We focus on developing strategies that harmonize your brick-and-mortar presence with your online platforms. We understand that today’s consumers expect a seamless transition between shopping online and in-store. Our approach involves aligning your business's digital and physical aspects, from inventory management to customer service, ensuring consistency and continuity across all customer touchpoints.

Personalized Customer Experiences

Personalization is key in modern retail,ur service helps in crafting personalized experiences, whether a customer is shopping online, via a mobile app, or in a physical store. We use data analytics to understand customer preferences and behavior, allowing for tailored recommendations, promotions, and services that resonate with your customers and encourage loyalty.

Omnichannel Integration and Technology

Effective omnichannel retailing requires the right technological infrastructure. We assist in selecting and implementing the technologies that enable seamless integration between your stores and digital channels. This includes eCommerce platforms, POS systems, mobile applications, and CRM tools that work together to provide a comprehensive view of customer interactions and inventory across all channels.

In-Store Technology Enhancements

The physical store is evolving. Within our Stores and Omnichannel services, we focus on incorporating in-store technology such as digital signage, interactive kiosks, and mobile point-of-sale systems. These technologies enhance the in-store experience, making it more interactive, informative, and aligned with digital channels.

Data-Driven Decision Making

A core component of our service is utilizing data from both physical and digital channels to make informed business decisions. We analyze this data to gain insights into customer behavior, sales trends, and operational efficiency, guiding strategic decisions that drive growth and improve customer experiences.

Continuous Adaptation and Support

The retail landscape is continuously evolving. That's our service includes ongoing support and adaptation. We help you stay ahead of emerging trends, adapt to new consumer behaviors, and continuously refine your strategies to meet the ever-changing demands of the retail sector.