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Retail 3.0

Retailers trust CRA to provide deeply experienced experts at every project stage, from strategy through selection, integration, customization, implementation, and support.

CRA's curated team of retail industry veterans will bring you and your brand up to today’s retail standards for technology, processes, and people. It's what we call Retail 3.0

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Strategy, Selection, and Implementation

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Strategy, Selection, and Implementation

Find and implement the best solutions to support your strategy.


At Cambridge Retail Advisors, we specialize in crafting retail strategies that drive success. Our approach is tailored to meet your unique business goals, ensuring you stay ahead in the competitive retail landscape.

With CRA, it's not just about facing today's challenges; it's about preparing for tomorrow’s opportunities—and going for it.

Partner with us to develop retail strategies that not only resonate with your market but also set a solid foundation for future growth.

Explore Strategy at CRA


Discover the power of experienced systems selection with Cambridge Retail Advisors. Our expertise transforms the way retailers choose their technology, ensuring impactful, strategic solutions tailored to your unique business processes and needs.

Imagine a world where every system you implement not only aligns seamlessly with your operational goals but also propels your business towards unprecedented success.

With CRA, that world is a reality. Let's transform your retail world together, selecting systems that drive efficiency, growth, and customer satisfaction.

CRA's Selection Services


CRA's expertise lies in bringing retail strategies and systems to life, ensuring they are flawlessly integrated into your business operations.

With a smooth transition, new solutions fit perfectly into your existing processes, enhancing efficiency and customer experience alike.

With CRA, implementation is more than just execution; it’s about transforming your retail vision into tangible results.

Together, let's implement solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations. And, most importantly, the expectations of your customers.

Implementation with CRA

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Retail Strategy and Implementation Experts

At Cambridge Retail Advisors (CRA), we understand the unique challenges facing retail decision makers. We know. We've been in your shoes. Partner with us for key projects that affect store performance, supply chain flow, online—essentially anything that leads to happier customers for your brand.

Cambridge Retail Advisors

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a profile headshot of Ken Morris

Ken Morris

Ken's love for all things retail began when he worked at Macy's years ago and continued through his work in retail consulting, at Deloitte, CFT Consulting, Boston Retail Partners, and our most recent journey Cambridge Retail Advisors. He had an impact on countless retail brands and thousands of people in the industry.

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