About CRA



CRA brings decades of valuable retail experience to every project, every day. We don't have to learn the business on the job. We've already been there before.

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Where We Come From, Experience Matters

Cambridge Retail Advisors (CRA) is an innovative retail, omnichannel, and hospitality consulting firm. We are dedicated to providing superior service and enduring value to you, our clients.

Our unique combination of industry focus, knowledge-based approach, and rapid, end-to-end solution deployment helps clients achieve their maximum business potential. Of course it doesn't hurt that our consultants all come from retail leadership backgrounds—and many trace their roots to Boston Retail Partners (BRP) and beyond.

Every Retailer Has to Start Somewhere

Did today's mega retailers start off with 50,000 square foot big box stores? Of course they didn't. They started small, gained loyal fans with the right products at the right prices. And then, when they started growing and opening additional locations, they added strategy, technology, and complext processes to the mix. They probably had help from people like us at CRA.

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A History of Teamwork and Smooth Sailing

From the beginning, CRA consultants have drawn from the experience and lessons learned from the hundreds of successful projects that they and their project teams have delivered. Even though every CRA consultant came up through the ranks of major retailers, they still know to learn from each other—and keep learning all the time.