CRA Services


Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) for retail is a comprehensive service offered by Cambridge Retail Advisors that encapsulates a suite of analytical processes and tools. BI transforms data into actionable intelligence, enabling retail businesses to make informed strategic decisions.

Private Equity Research

Our Private Equity Research service falls under the BI umbrella, providing investors with detailed analyses of retail markets, financial health assessments, and opportunity evaluations, empowering stakeholders with the knowledge to make sound investment decisions.


BI is integral to our Financials service, where we analyze and interpret financial data to ensure that retail operations are not only efficient but also profitable. From balance sheets to sales forecasts, our BI tools turn numbers into narratives that guide fiscal strategy.

Market and Competition Scans

Market and Competition Scans leverage BI to offer a panoramic view of the retail landscape. This service provides retailers with insights into market trends, consumer behaviors, and competitor strategies, helping to carve out a competitive edge.

ROI and TCO Analysis

With BI, our ROI and TCO Analysis service quantifies the value of investments and the true cost of ownership of retail technologies and initiatives, ensuring that retailers can expect positive returns and cost-effective solutions.

Business Strategy

BI informs our Business Strategy service by analyzing a breadth of data sources to develop and refine high-level strategies. This enables retailers to align their operations with market opportunities and consumer demands.

Competitor Comparison

Competitor Comparison utilizes BI to deliver a comprehensive analysis of competitors’ strategies, performance, and market positioning. This insight allows retailers to benchmark their performance and strategize accordingly.

Omnichannel Analytics

At the intersection of BI and retail, Omnichannel Analytics provides a unified view of the customer journey across all channels. By interpreting complex datasets, retailers can deliver a seamless and personalized customer experience.

The Business Intelligence Advantage with CRA

Business Intelligence for Retail by Cambridge Retail Advisors is not just a service but a strategic partnership. We harness the power of BI to provide clarity, offer direction, and drive retail businesses toward data-driven success. Whether it's through deep-dive analytics, financial assessments, or market insights, CRA stands ready to convert your data into strategic retail victories.