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AI and UGC - Increasing Engagement and Reducing Returns

Retailers have an incredible opportunity to revolutionize their approach to customer engagement by harnessing the power of user-generated content (UGC) and artificial intelligence (AI).

Benefits include:

  • increased conversion rates
  • reduced return costs
  • improved inclusivity
  • better analytics

Download CRA’s latest retail industry white paper to learn about creating personalized online experiences for every shopper, everywhere!

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LP: Merging Complementary Technologies

This new white paper gives retailers intros and insights into the key tech solutions LP professionals should know about today:

  • Exception Based Reporting
  • 5G in Retail and Loss Prevention
  • Advanced Video Analytics
  • RFID – Serialized Inventory
  • Blockchain

Download the white paper now: Loss Prevention: Why Merging Technologies is Essential. It’s a practical round-up of the most powerful tools today’s top retailers are using to stay on top of their LP game.

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RFID-Powered Solutions: More Attainable Than Ever

This detailed white paper gives a comprehensive view of RFID technology as its deployed at major retailers today:

  • Checkout and Returns
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Combatting Fraudulent Returns and Counterfeiting
  • Hard Tag Reduction
  • Markdown Acceleration
  • Merchandising, Planning, and Customer Journey
  • Shrink Reduction
  • Inventory Receiving
  • Cycle Counting
  • Fitting Room Insights
  • Individual Productivity
  • Asset Tracking
  • Merchandise Recovery

Download the RFID-Powered Solutions: More Attainable Than Ever white paper now to understand today’s RFID technology—the new essential for frictionless retail.

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5 Steps to Optimizing Retail Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics is gaining traction as a game changer among retailers. But optimizing reverse logistics is also a prime opportunity to improve customer satisfaction and increase profits.

This white paper outlines five key steps to optimizing retailers’ reverse logistics policies and processes:

  1. Establish Customer-friendly Return Policies
  2. Design Efficient Return Processes
  3. Determine Optimal Merchandise Disposition
  4. Optimize Reverse Logistics Transportation Processes
  5. Analyze and Optimize Returns Processes
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Why Orchestrating "People, Process, and Technology" is Imperative for Transformation Projects

While many business teams embrace the mantra of “people, process and technology” as though it were a meditative chant for success, they are often not aware of the disparity between theory and reality and the challenges to achieve a harmonious orchestration of all three components.

Today’s retailers, wholesalers and brands are challenged more than ever with dramatically changing consumer expectations, new sources of products, digital interaction on mobile devices, and the shifting competitive landscape.  These companies no longer have the luxury to take on a transformation that does not deliver results the first time as there is no time for do-overs.

Transformation is about orchestration, not just administration. Understanding this key distinction is how organizations achieve successful transformation projects.

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Flipping the Script: Transforming the Store to a Stage

The Role of Stores and Restaurants is Evolving to Meet New Consumer Expectations for a Theatrical Experience. The role of stores and restaurants is evolving to meet new customer expectations for a theatrical experience.

Flipping the Script – Transforming the Store to a Stage, provides insights and strategies for retailers and restaurateurs to adapt to consumers’ expectations for entertaining shopping and dining experiences.

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