CRA Services


Project Optimization and Support

Project Optimization and Support by Cambridge Retail Advisors (CRA) is dedicated to enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of retail projects. Our suite of services ensures that every phase of your project, from inception to completion, is optimized for success.

QAaaS (Quality Assurance as a Service)

Quality Assurance as a Service (QAaaS) is a cornerstone of our project support offerings. We provide thorough testing and quality checks to ensure that retail IT systems and applications meet the highest standards, reducing risk and increasing confidence in project outcomes.

RFP Acceleration

Our RFP Acceleration service streamlines the proposal process, enabling retailers to quickly and effectively solicit and evaluate bids from vendors. This accelerates decision-making and ensures the best fit for project needs and goals.

Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation addresses the challenge of resource allocation in critical projects. CRA can supply skilled professionals to supplement your team, ensuring that you have the right expertise at the right time to keep your project on track.

Interim Leadership

Interim Leadership provides experienced executives to lead projects during periods of transition or when specialized leadership is required. This service ensures that projects maintain momentum and direction, regardless of internal changes.

Fractional Consulting

Fractional Consulting offers on-demand access to senior-level expertise in retail strategy, technology, and operations. Our consultants provide guidance and insights that help drive project efficiency and strategic alignment without the need for a full-time executive hire.

Tailored Support for Every Project

At CRA, we understand that each project has unique challenges and opportunities. Our Project Optimization and Support services are tailored to meet these needs, providing the tools, expertise, and resources necessary to deliver superior results. Whether it's through quality assurance, rapid RFP processes, staff reinforcement, leadership provision, or strategic consulting, we are committed to enhancing the value and impact of your retail projects.