Cambridge Retail Advisors (CRA)


Retail 3.0

If you liked us at Boston Retail Parners (BRP), you’ll love us as

It’s the core executive group plus a curated team of retail industry veterans, specialists for every aspect of bringing you and your brand up to today’s omnichannel retail standards.‍

It's what we call Retail 3.0

support services.

Selecting the right software solution transcends mere cost considerations. It's about unlocking efficiency and integrating innovation into every facet of your retail operations.

Selecting software implies an investment not just in technology, but in transforming your business landscape to thrive in a digital-first world.

your support options.

You work with us. We work with you. The plan is to move things along as quickly and as smoothly as possible. It's just what we do.

The Goal.

Our ethics program aims to create awareness among employees about our ethical principles and policies, which work as a guiding force, enabling team members to make better decisions, based on honesty and integrity. Our compliance program is focused on ensuring that appropriate levels of control are in place, so that external and internal regulations are adhered to.